Syedina Siddique E Akbar Loves the Ahle Bait

Reference 4 

Hazrat Aisha Razi Allah Anhu:

Hazrat Fatima(Razi allahu taala anhu) sent somebody to Abu Bakr(radiallahu taala anhu ) asking him to give her her inheritance from the Prophet(Sallalaahu Alaihi wasallam ) from what Allah had given to His Apostle through Fai (i.e. booty gained without fighting).  She asked for the Sadaqa (i.e. wealth assigned for charitable purposes) of the Prophet at Medina, and Fadak, and what remained of the Khumus (i.e., one-fifth) of the Khaibar booty. Abu Bakr(radiallahu taala anhu ) said, "Allah's Apostle said, 'We (Prophets), our property is not inherited, and whatever we leave is Sadaqa, but Muhammad's(Sallalaahu Alaihi wasallam )  Family can eat from this property, i.e. Allah's property, but they have no right to take more than the food they need.' By Allah! I will not bring any change in dealing with the Sadaqa of the Prophet (and will keep them) as they used to be observed in his (i.e. the Prophet's) life-time, and I will dispose with it as Allah's Apostle used to do,"  Then 'Ali said, "I testify that None has the right to be worshipped but Allah, and that Muhammad(Sallalaahu Alaihi wasallam )  is His Apostle," and added, "O Abu Bakr!(Radiallahu taala anhu) We acknowledge your superiority." Then he (i.e. 'Ali) (Radiallahu taala anhu) mentioned their own relationship to Allah's Apostle and their right. 
Abu Bakr(Radiallahu taala anhu) then spoke saying, "By Allah in Whose Hands my life is. I love to do good to the relatives of Allah's Apostle rather than to my own relatives" Abu Bark added: Look at Muhammad(Sallalaahu Alaihi wasallam) through his family (i.e. if you are no good to his family you are not good to him). 

Sahih Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 60

Notice the last phrase of Syedina Abu Bakr Siddique radiallahu taala anhu , 
Look at Muhammad (sallalaahu alaihi wassallam )through his family

Reference 3

Narrated 'Uqba bin Al-Harith: 

(Once) Abu Bakr(radiallahu taala anhu ) offered the 'Asr prayer and then went out walking and saw Al-Hasan(radiallahu taala anhu ) playing with the boys. He lifted him on to his shoulders and said, " Let my parents be sacrificed for your sake! (You) resemble the Prophet(Sallalaahu Alaihi wasallam) and not 'Ali(radiallahu taala anhu )," while 'Ali(radiallahu taala anhu ) was smiling. 

Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 742: 

The passing away of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique radiallahu taala anhu

As narrated by Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah (radi Allahu anhu):

A villager came to Hazrat Ali (radi Allahu anhu) and asked, "O Ameer--ul-Mumineen! Is Abu Bakr (radi Allahu anhu) in Paradise?"

This question hurt Hazrat Ali (radi Allahu anhu) considerably. So he said, 

"I wish I had never come to the world. This statement has never been made by anyone else before, neither by Rasulullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) nor by any other Muslim after him. Abu Bakr Siddique (radi Allahu anhu) was always with the Messenger of Allah; he was his vizier and counsellor. He succeeded him as the Khalifa after his passing away. He who denies this fact will become a disbeliever. O villager! Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radi Allahu anhu) sent for me towards his passing away.

The Instructions to Hazrat Maula Ali Radiallahu taala anhu

He said to me, 'O my darling brother! I am going to pass away soon. When I die, wash me with those blessed hands of yours with which you washed the Messenger of Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)! Wrap me in my shroud and put me in my coffin! Take by corpse to the entrance of Hujra-i-sa'adat! Say unto Rasulullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam): Abu Bakr is at the door. He asks for permission to enter.'


Status Of Siddiq Akbar

  1. The Holy Prophet SalAllah Alaihi Wasalam said: Never was anything revealed to me that I did not pour into the heart of Abu Bakr.
  2. Never has the sun risen or set on a person, other than a prophet, greater than Abu Bakr.
  3. Never has the sun risen or set on a person, other than a prophet, greater than Abu Bakr.

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Love for Hazrat Ali

One day Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Radi Allahu anhu came to Rasûlullah’s ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ place. He was about to enter, when Alî bin Abî Tâlib ‘radiy-Allâhu ’anh’ arrived, too. Abû Bakr stepped backwards and said,
“After you, Ya Ali.” The latter replied and the following long dialogue took place between them:
Hazarath Ali razi allah anhu - Ya Abâ Bakr, you go in first for you are ahead of us all in all goodnesses and acts of charity.

Love for Hazrat Ali

The superiority of Abu-Bakr Siddiq

It is a collective agreement [Ijmāʻ] of the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jamāʻh that the greatest person in this Ummah is Abū Bakr, then ʿUmar, then ʿUs̱mān and then ʿAlī, radiyAllahu anhum.

The greatest Sufi masters have also affirmed this tenet of the Sunnī creed. Particularly, the Naqshbandī masters hold this belief firmly, not only based on the authentic narrations, but also by their Kashf.

superiority Over Others