• Abu Bakr (Razi Allah Anhu) except from all Prophets are supreme in all human beings.(Tibrani)
  • The most merciful on my Ummah, in my Ummah, is Abu Bakr (Razi Allah Anhu). (Tirimzi)
  • Tell Abu Bakr from my side to offer Salat to people (Muslims). [In absence of Prophet Muhammad (salallho alhe waslam)] (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirimzi, Ibn-e-Majah)

Character of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Razi Allah Anhu

  1. - "Abu Bakr's name shall be called out from all the gates of Paradise and he will be the first person of my Ummah to enter it."
  2. - "Allah will show His glory to the people in a general way, but He will show it to Abu Bakr in a special way."
  3. - "Never has the sun risen or set on a person, other than a prophet, greater than Abu Bakr."
  4. - "Never was anything revealed to me that I did not pour into the heart of Abu Bakr."
  5. - "There is no one to whom I am obligated and have not repaid my debt except Abu Bakr, for I owe him much for which Allah will compensate him on the Day of Judgement."
  6. - "If I were to take an intimate friend (khalil) other than my Lord, I would have chosen Abu Bakr."
  7. - "Abu Bakr does not precede you because of much prayer or fasting, but because of a secret that is in his heart."

Character and Piety

  1. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq-e-Akbar was the most distinguished figure of Islam after Rasulallah .
  2. He was mild and gentle but stern when necessary. He was the true embodiment of Islam. Being lenient, wise, full of wisdom and a great statesman, without doubt he occupies a unique place in the history of Islam. His name will remain forever in the minds of Muslims.
  3. Hazrat Abu Bakr was the most pious Companion of Rasulallah .
  4. He never took an unlawful meal, regardless of the extent of his hunger.
  5. Once, one of his slaves brought for him some food to eat. He took a morsel out of it but afterwards he learnt that the slave got it as a result of soothsaying. He then remarked, "Ah! you would have surely killed me". He tried to disgorge it, and when he did not succeed he drank water and then vomited the whole thing out.
  6. He never spoke any obscene language in any situation. Once he said a harsh word to Hazrat Umar which he realised later and asked him to forgive him. Hazrat Umar delayed in excusing him. He was so much perturbed that he went to Rasulallah who asked Hazrat Umar to excuse him.
  7. Hazrat Abu Bakr used to fear Allah most of all. Once he went to a garden where he saw a bird. He sighed deeply and said, "O bird! You are lucky indeed! You eat and drink as you like and fly, but do not have fear of reckoning on the Day of Judgement. I wish that I were just like you". Sometimes he said, "I wish I were a blade of grass whose life ended with the grazing of some beast; or a tree that would be cut and done away with".
  8. He was a great worshipper. It is said that Hazrat Abu Bakr used to perform prayer similar to that of Rasulallah .
  9. He was the one who spent all of his belongings for the sake of Allah and His Beloved Prophet

Status Of Siddiq Akbar

  1. The Holy Prophet SalAllah Alaihi Wasalam said: Never was anything revealed to me that I did not pour into the heart of Abu Bakr.
  2. Never has the sun risen or set on a person, other than a prophet, greater than Abu Bakr.
  3. Never has the sun risen or set on a person, other than a prophet, greater than Abu Bakr.

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Love for Hazrat Ali

One day Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Radi Allahu anhu came to Rasûlullah’s ‘sall-Allâhu ’alaihi wa sallam’ place. He was about to enter, when Alî bin Abî Tâlib ‘radiy-Allâhu ’anh’ arrived, too. Abû Bakr stepped backwards and said,
“After you, Ya Ali.” The latter replied and the following long dialogue took place between them:
Hazarath Ali razi allah anhu - Ya Abâ Bakr, you go in first for you are ahead of us all in all goodnesses and acts of charity.

Love for Hazrat Ali

The superiority of Abu-Bakr Siddiq

It is a collective agreement [Ijmāʻ] of the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jamāʻh that the greatest person in this Ummah is Abū Bakr, then ʿUmar, then ʿUs̱mān and then ʿAlī, radiyAllahu anhum.

The greatest Sufi masters have also affirmed this tenet of the Sunnī creed. Particularly, the Naqshbandī masters hold this belief firmly, not only based on the authentic narrations, but also by their Kashf.

superiority Over Others